Abschied von Ursula Hudson

Dr. Ursula Hudson_(c) MISEREOR.JPGDr. Ursula Hudson, Vorsitzende von Slow Food Deutschland und Vorstandsmitglied von Slow Food International, ist am 10. Juli nach langer, schwerer Krankheit verstorben. Als Vorstandsvorsitzende seit 2012 trug sie maßgeblich dazu bei, Slow Food eine relevante Stimme und politische Ausrichtung zu verleihen und eine gerechtere, bessere und somit zukunftsfähige Ernährungswelt voranzutreiben. Bis zuletzt war sie für den Verein aktiv und hat seine Geschicke gelenkt. Auf dieser Seite gedenken ihrer Menschen aus dem Slow-Food-Netzwerk und danken ihr für ihren außergewöhnlichen Einsatz für die Wende unseres Lebensmittelsystems sowie für ihre Energie und Leidenschaft, mit der sie die Slow-Food-Bewegung vorangebracht hat.

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Tristesse totale !

Salut à toi Ursula ! Tu as été une dirigeante remarquable de Slow Food international ! Ecoute attentive, respect de l'autre, tout en étant ferme sur l'ouverture nécessaire de notre mouvement.

Tu vas nous manquer, profondément, nous avions encore besoin de toi ! Pour avancer dans toute l'ouverture aux communautés de la nourriture.

Nous garderons au fond de nous ta force et ta détermination.

Josef (Slow Food International Councilor Switzerland)

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Sending my regards to all of you and to Ursula's family. What a sad loss.
Ursula possessed such passion and intellect. As many people here have mentioned, this is a great loss to our movement.
Jennifer (Slow Food International Councilor USA)

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John Kariuki

Dear colleagues,
we have lost such a beautiful soul. Her commitment, hardwork and charisma in promoting Slow Food and addressing the global injustices will live with us forever. May the almighty rest her soul in eternal peace and give her family strength in this difficult moment. 
King regards, 
John Kariuki (Slow Food International Councilor Kenya)

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Terrible sad news... she will be missed and rememberd for all her love in promoting Slow Food in every level.
My sincere condolences.

Alfonso (Slow Food International Councilor Mexico)

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Serena Milano

We all died a little, today
Ciao Ursula
In Italy, we say "che la terra ti sia lieve”
Serena (Slow Food International Councilor Italy)

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Anna Mule

I’m so sad to hear this news.
I always admired Ursula for commanding a room (or a Zoom) with super smart and well articulated insights. She was a force. That’s a huge loss for Slow Food. ❤️❤️
Anna (Slow Food USA)

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Marta Messa

Dear all,

the passing of Ursula is a terrible loss. 

To me she was a friend and a treasured mentor, a strong leader in our movement gone too soon.

Her remarkable energy and legacy will live on in our memory and in our work.

Marta (Director Slow Food Brussels)

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Soul sister found and lost.
Only wish I had the chance to have told her my last words, but she knew...
We shared the same birthday... the same thoughts... over and over again.
We would always ask ourselves how a German and a hot-tempered could be so much alike...and then burst into laughter... I am so grateful to have had my Ursula in my life...
I am broken today... In our culture we say God bless you and your family 
Barbara (Slow Food International Councilor Lebanon)

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Madelaine Vázquez

Queridas amig@s,

Sentimos profundamente está pérdida. Todos hemos trabajado con ella y aprendido. Su huella y ejemplo serán siempre inspiración.
Su legado al Movimiento será inolvidable.
Comunicaremos a nuestra red, como merecida muestra de conservar su memoria y rendirle tributo. También sus aportes serán reconocidos.
Saludos desde el Caribe,
Madelaine Vázquez (Slow Food International Councilor Cuba)

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Dear friends!

This is heartbreaking... We will remember her and I am sure that everyone will carry a piece of Ursula in their hearts.
There is very little, there is nothing more to say... but we will all remember!
A warm hug to everyone!

Rest in peace, Ursula!

Dessislava (Slow Food International Councilor Bulgaria)

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Dear colleagues,
I am so sorry for this big and unforgettable loss. Such a friend, such a mentor, a teacher and a great pillar in our movement. So much to talk about Ursula but like you said, I am also speechless. It's so sad.
May her soul Rest in Peace. 
Edie (Slow Food International Councilor Uganda)

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Like everyone who knew her, I know we feel such loss, but we also remember her example. Her intellect, her humour, her warmth, how she led and inspired in her own way, I feel so privileged to have known her, and my heart breaks for her family and friends, and all those she touched along the way. 
John (Slow Food International Councilor, UK)

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Dear Friends

It is with a heavy heart that we learn such sad news. We will miss Ursula, Slow Food will miss Ursula, humanity will miss Ursula... 

We will remember her as a brilliant woman, determined, visionary and pragmatic at the same time. Today Slow Food is certainly mourning one of its greatest inspirational women... may she rest in peace and let’s hope that her family, all of us and her team in Germany will find the strength to overcome these difficult moments. 

We will always keep you in our hearts, Ursula!

Alexandre (Slow Food International Councilor Switzerland)

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Richard, Slow Food USA

Ursula in Bra (c) Richard Mc Carthy.jpgDear International Slow Food family, 
This is absolutely heart-breaking news. 
Yesterday, when I was getting tote bags and empty egg containers ready to visit my Sunday farmers market, I made the terrible mistake of checking messages on my phone. Why did this news have to be on it? Paolo, thank you for being the bearer of such horribly sad news. As Georges said, “I still cannot believe this is real.” Yes, I feel the same. I went to the market, and then suddenly remembered the news. 
I particularly like Amorelle’s description of Ursula’s “vision and determination to make Slow Food matter.” I, too, remember this about Ursula and am so grateful for her leadership both within Germany (which I had been lucky enough to see in action — even attending the Stuttgart Slow Food Fair) and of course, in the International Executive Committee where Ursula has always pushed Slow Food to be its best, Meetings would always begin with Carlo’s morning speech, followed by a long pregnant pause. He would ask, “Any remarks?” Again, another long pregnant pause. At this point, Ursula was always the first to respond. Never timid and always as if she had spent the entire evening before anticipating Carlo’s presentation, Ursula would respond with everything I would have to have said but so much more. She leaves a huge hole in the leadership of the organization’s international posture. 
She also leaves another huge hole for all of us: In friendship. I was looking forward to so many more years of friendship with Ursula. When I joined the Committee, she took me under her wing, as she did Edie and Joris (as we arrived more or less at similar moments in the Committee’s evolution. For me, I looked forward to each meeting, in part because I would get to spend time with Ursula. At the last Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, I was very concerned about Ursula’s health and spirits. She looked frail, yet insisted that she was putting up a fight in her battle with cancer. 
And while we had spoken since our last meeting in February 2020 in Bra, this was the last time I had spent time with Ursula. I was so greatly relieved to see her. She looked healthy and as though she had that bounce in her step. The attached photo is one that I took of Ursula when we walked from Pollenzo to Bra for a cappuccino (or as she referred to as kinder drinks). She indicated that she wasn’t out of the woods yet, health wise, but I certainly felt that she looked and acted as if her former self had returned. 
My heart goes out to Ursula’s family and to the Slow Food Germany family. We owe a debt of gratitude for Ursula and how she has shaped the head and heart of our international family. 
Richard (USA)

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Roberto Burdese

Dear friends of Slow Food Germany,

my pain for the loss of Ursula is great.

I was present at the foundation of Slow Food Germany and since then I have had the opportunity to meet all the presidents and work with each of them. Ursula has been undoubtedly the best guide of Slow Food Germany among them all.

But Ursula has been also an extraordinary international leader of Slow Food and this is demonstrated by the words of esteem and affection that come to our headquarters from all the international Councilors.

When I think of the work she has done for Slow Food Europe, I have to admit that there is no other person in that coordination group who has contributed so decisively to our success on a European level.

We worked together for 8 years, serving Slow Food in the International Executive Committee, in the International Council, in Slow Food Europe. We have often discussed, even animatedly, but always with the common goal of doing the best for Slow Food.

I will not forget her, and I will be at your side for whatever you want to do to remember her and to honor her memory and her commitment to our beloved organization.

I embrace you.

Roberto (Slow Food Executive Committee)

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