Jorrit Kiewik

Dear Ursula,

Thank you for the amazing mentor you have been, a role you might not have realized you have had for me. Tears got into my eyes when I read the terrible news about your passing. The past days made me go back to all the meetings we have had, of which the last one was by far the most joyful and valuable.

I would like to thank you for being such a powerful leader; a leader that can speak, but even more importantly, a leader who can listen. Someone who gives space and guides with respect. Your dedication to make the world a better place is immense and I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration and support you have given me. I can write you a thousand words and messages, but none of them would say enough. What I can only do is continue the work that we started and keep fighting for the goals that we have set in order to achieve a more good, clean and fair food system.

Danke Ursula, for everything you have taught me and for being a wonderful human being.

Auf wiedersehen!

Jorrit Kiewik
Executive director Slow Food Youth Network

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