Roberto Burdese

Dear friends of Slow Food Germany,

my pain for the loss of Ursula is great.

I was present at the foundation of Slow Food Germany and since then I have had the opportunity to meet all the presidents and work with each of them. Ursula has been undoubtedly the best guide of Slow Food Germany among them all.

But Ursula has been also an extraordinary international leader of Slow Food and this is demonstrated by the words of esteem and affection that come to our headquarters from all the international Councilors.

When I think of the work she has done for Slow Food Europe, I have to admit that there is no other person in that coordination group who has contributed so decisively to our success on a European level.

We worked together for 8 years, serving Slow Food in the International Executive Committee, in the International Council, in Slow Food Europe. We have often discussed, even animatedly, but always with the common goal of doing the best for Slow Food.

I will not forget her, and I will be at your side for whatever you want to do to remember her and to honor her memory and her commitment to our beloved organization.

I embrace you.

Roberto (Slow Food Executive Committee)

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