Slow Food International hat im Oktober 2014 einen Saatgutführer auf Englisch herausgegeben. Lesen Sie hier die Einleitung und laden Sie die komplette Broschüre herunter.

Seeds according to Slow Food


Why a Guide on Seeds? Do we ever think about the seeds that generate our food? How many times, when shopping or cooking, do we ask ourselves how products were created, who made them or bought the seeds needed to grow our fruit, vegetables, bread, pasta and even our meat, since animals are raised on plant-based diets? Let’s be honest: we hardly ever think about it. Even amongst the most discerning and curious of us, those who take care in reading labels and the nutritional properties of different products, often don’t take this issue into consideration. Even those who spend time tending to their vegetable gardens with care and passion, often don’t know where the plants they grow come from, or how they were chosen and produced. They are often bought from plant nurseries and subsequently planted at home. Few are familiar with the process of producing and saving seeds at home by cultivating the plants themselves, instead of simply buying them. The aim of this guide is to provide consumers and amateur growers with useful informa - tion on the founding element of our food: seeds.

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